Vijaynagar Circuit Polo Forest

It is one of the popular places of attractions in Gujarat that draws visitors all over the world to enjoy scenic natural beauty of the region. The polo forest is bestowed with diverse natural resources, river, dam and historical places. The ground is mainly used for the polo utsav in the Sabarkantha district of the state. The forest is also the home to the certain rare migratory birds that usually arrive during the winter season. Tourists will definitely admire the presence of diversified fauna/flora, ancient remains and rocks besides the ever-flowing Harnav River. The forest serves to be the natural gateway between Rajasthan and Gujarat.

Apart from admiring the scenic beauty of the forest and its natural resources, visitors have the scope to set their eyes on other attractive spots like Jain derasar, Surya Mandir, Lakhena temple etc. They have the opportunity to engage in activities like trekking, mountain climbing and so on.


It is a general belief that the place where the forest is situated was actually the ancient Polo city that was established during the period of tenth century around the Harnav River which is linked with the Puranas and other Hindu mythological references. This ancient was city was under the rule of Parihar kings who belonged to the place of Idar. During the period of fifteenth century, the city was captured by Marwar Rathods who named the city as pol which implies the meaning of gate in Marwari language. The city was ultimately deserted due to lack of adequate sunlight which ultimately is the primary reason for the formation of this forest.

Where is it located?

This polo forest is based in Vijaynagar Circuit of Sabarkantha district which is 150 km away from Gandhinagar. Visitors first need to land towards Gujarat’s northern region through Himmatnagar and Idar before reaching this landmark destination which is a popular travel spot of this state. Tourists travelling from Ahmedabad can reach the spot within three hours as the route towards this forest region is quite well maintained.

Ideal Visiting Time

The ideal time to visit this historical spot is during the period of November-January when the climate is cool and comfortable with low heat intensity of the sunlight. Tourists visiting during the January month have the opportunity to see the beautiful Polo Utsav which continues till the month of March. The sole objective of this program is to generate livelihood for the tribal population of this forest along with providing relaxation to the tourists.

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