Talaja Caves

The Talaja Caves are spread on the mouth of the Sarita and Shatrunjaya rivers in the town of Talaja in the Bhavnagar District of Gujarat. The ancient caves are few miles away from the most religious town for the Jains in Palitana. The Talaja Caves hold religious values for both Jainism and Buddhism making it an important Buddhist footprint in Gujarat.

Close to the Talaja caves one can also witness the Jain temple of Derasar. This temple was established in the name of the fifth Tirthankara, Bhagwan Sumatinath. The temple holds great religious value for the Jains who come to pay respect to it from faraway places. The temple holds special mention for the lamp that burn on a continuous process much to the awe of followers. Believers of it mention the Godly nature that surrounds in making the lamp burn all the time. The lamp is also said to let out saffron powder which is said to have many religious elements attached to it. The temple is also home to a central idol of Bhagwan Sumatinath which is worshipped in widespread.


One can also visit the 700 hundred year old Kodiyaar Temple dedicated to the Hindu Goddess of Kodiyaar Mata. The Talaja caves region is brimming with religious and historical facts that make it an interesting travel place in India. One can visit the caves anytime to relinquish its religious and historic charm experiencing the tales from the past and being a part of it.
The caves are atop the Talaja Hill which is 320 ft high and is home to 30 historic caves from the Buddhist link running into rocks. The enormous caves are full of rock carvings that depict the ancient Boddhisatva. The caves are of great historic value making them an important tourist location in Gujarat. The caves are also famous for the Ebhala Mandapa, a huge hall comprising four major pillars with eight side figures. The Talaja caves hold great value in the pages of history for its beautiful architecture and Buddhist links. Travelers from all places visit it for its pristine beauty and ancient charm as the place is renowned with interesting pieces.

Where is it located?

The Talaja Caves can be reached by private buses that run from Bhavnagar. One can also use the railways and get down at the Talaja station. Bhavnagar is also clubbed with a domestic airport, so the tourists can hire private cars from there too.

Ideal Visiting Time

Although, the caves are visited by tourists across the year but best time to visit these caves are during the winters from the month of November to March.

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