Sun temple

This historical temple is a notable place of attraction in Gujarat and is dedicated to the sun God. Presently, it is under the supervision of ASI and has attracted considerable limelight as it represents majestic architectural craftsmanship of Gujarat during the period of the rule of Solanki dynasty. Every wall of this temple bears the elegance of marvelous artistic works and sculptures that were carved out through engraving stones by expert handworks of the architects. The temple bears the brunt of Muslim attack and even then it is still intact with the passage of time.

This sun temple comprises of three distinct sections. The first is the Surya Kund which is actually a steeped tank which is located in the front portion of the temple. The tank was used for storing pure water where devotees used to take bath before worshipping. Sabha mandap was used to be the hall of religious conferences and gatherings. It was opened from four sides and contains carved pillars of about 52. The final section is Guda mandap which was used to house the statue of sun god.


This temple came into existence in the year of 1026 under the supervision of Bhimdev Solanki the erstwhile ruler of Gujarat who considered himself to be the descendant of Sun god. The temple revives the comparison with that of Konark sun temple of Orissa in terms of architectural styles and influence. The place where the temple has come up found its reference in scriptures of Brahma Purana and Skanda Purana. There also used to be a forest surrounding the area of this sacred temple.

This temple is notable for the unique architectural pattern that represents influence of various sects of Hinduism. The shrine of this temple had been designed in such way that the rays of sunlight will first fall on the idol of the Sun god inside the place of worship. Its exterior wall had been engraved with innovative and unique carvings highlighting the craftsmanship of the architects.

Best time to visit

The temple remains open throughout the year but witnesses a huge number of tourists from both within the state and across the country during the winters. Preferably, one should pay a visit to the Sun Temple anywhere between the months of September to March.

Where is it located?

This temple is based close to the Pushpavati river bank in Modhera which is situated at a distance of about 102 km from Ahmedabad. From the nearest road of Rajkot airport it will approximately take a distance of about 238 km to reach this landmark temple via GJ SH 17. Taking the road of nearest Surat rail station it will roughly take a distance of about 356 km to reach the popular travel spot via NE1 and NH8.

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