Stadiums in Dholavira

Dholavira was previously an ancient Harappan city that was discovered in the year of 1967 by the former DG of ASI named Jagat Pati Joshi. Subsequently, major excavations started in the region during the time of 1990 by the ASI. The outcomes of these excavations only contribute to the exceptional craftsmanship of the Harappan people when it comes to town planning along with other eye raising facts. One such is the discovery of two stadiums like structures. One of them is small and compact and the other one is vast and can accommodate spectators as well. At present, these two stadiums have become a major site of tourist attractions in this city.

For more sightseeing in Dholavira, you can visit other places of tourist attractions in the region. The most prominent among them is the ancient sign board which is situated in the northern gateway of this city. Then you have the chance to stroll in Great Rann of Kutch comprising of salt bed with an area of about 2900 miles. The area is known for its unique desert animals like Wild Ass and is home to various migratory birds. You can visit the ruin sites of Harappan Civilization to witness the architectural skills of Indus Valley people.


The existence of these two stadiums like structures was ultimately come to be known as a result of the series of excavations undertaken by Archaeological Survey of India in the years of 1990. These stadiums will surely rewrite the history of the origin of theatre in the world. Previously theatre stadiums were considered to be a gift of Roman and Greek civilizations. These stadiums comprise of stands in every direction for the benefit of the spectators. The small sized stadium was mainly designed for accommodating people belonging to upper class society at that time. For the purpose of fulfillment of such requirement there might have been an attempt to enhance its area on a temporary basis. It is the sole reason why the small theatre structure is interconnected with the larger stadium via a single gate. The most remarkable aspect of these stadiums is that they can be adjoined through various gates along with the surrounding areas like settlements, reversion, bailey and castle. Access to outside world was quite possible due to the presence of four gates of these stadiums like structures.

The place is full of interest and is a perfect destination for people who want to spend good holiday with their loved ones. Hotels have also come up in this city and so there is no dearth of accommodation with perfect hangout in the wilderness of Kutch.

Where is located?

Dholavira is situated in the island of Khadir Bet in Kutch and the two stadiums form the center piece of attractions in the city after the discovery of ancient signboard. It will roughly take a journey of about 434 km from Ahmedabad Airport by air and 439 km from Vadodara by road.

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