Shiva Temple

The Nishkalank Shiva Mahadev Temple is famous for being the abode of Lord Shiva concealed inside the sea away from the banks. The Shiva Temple is actively worshipped by many strong devotees believing the strength of a religion. The temple at Bhavnagar is wavered by the strong sea and can be visited by followers when the water is dry or during low tide periods. There are five Shiva Lingas inside the Nishkalank Mahadev Temple that is magically crashed with sea waves every day. The devotees have to wait at the sea shore in order to walk to temple inside the sea when there is a low tide. The sight of humans wading through the fierce sea against nature is a spell bounding gesture. The Nishkalank Mahadev Temple is an amazing example of spiritual beliefs and heights of religious potential by humans.


The immortal history of the Nishkalank Temple goes back to the pages of the saga Mahabharata. Mythological tales foretell that after the battle, when the Pandavs slained there brothers Kauravs, they were down with guilt. They looked for help from Lord Krishna who in return gave them a black flag and a black cow. The Lord asked them to wait till the flag turns white and then start meditation to Lord Shiva. The Pandavs followed the cow wherever it went and waited for the flag to turn white. For days they went behind the cow awaiting their plight till the flag actually turned white at this spot in the Kodiyak Beach. Upon this the Pandavs started their chants to Lord Shiva to get redemption to their sins and guilt for killing their blood. Lord Shiva appeared to them in five Lingam forms and thus the temple was established at the very spot that is covered in sea to this day.

Where is it located?

The temple is located in the Kodiyak Beach of Bhavnagar district. It is well connected to nearby cities of Ahmedabad, Surat, etc by road and rail.

Ideal Visiting Time

The Nishkalank Shiva Temple can be visited anytime of the year but the religious followers are seen waiting at the sea banks for the water to subside. During high tide only the flag can be seen. The day of Amavashya in the Hindu calendar is considered the best time to visit the temple every year. A grand fair is held on this day receiving devotees from far and wide.

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