Puppets and Stuffed Toys

Gujarat is famous for its handicrafts. The state has become most favourite travel destinations of India because of several handicrafts, inhabitants offer here. Puppets and stuffed toys are one of such crafts that become immensely popular in India. Different communities are involved in making stuffed toys puppets in places like Hanumanpura, Dandichowk in Ahmadabad have wide range of such toys to offer.

Puppets and Stuffed Toys in Gujarat

Stuffed toys are made of cotton fabric. Makers make an outline of the animals or birds on a fabric and cut them out following the outline. Sew these fabrics to make a specific shaped bag. Stuff it with cottons and sew it. They use mirrors, colourful threads and also do embroidery works on them to decorate these stuffed toys. Animals like Camel, Elephant, Horse, Birds and other toys are widely available in Dandichowk area in Gujarat.
Puppets are yet another attraction that makes Ahmadabad one of the best travel spots in Gujarat. Puppets, locally known as Kathputli, are the wooden dolls that are connected with a string held by the puppeteer. The puppet shows across the state Gujarat is one-of-a-kind experience to gather. The Puppeteer holds the strings in his hands and makes the dolls dance, act and perform on stage. Hanumanpura, one of the important places of interest in Gujarat, has huge communities that make such puppets and stuffed toys for the travellers and buyers. In several occasions, fairs, Rann Utsav and others, puppets shows take place in various places.

History of Puppets

Some people believe that puppets are thousands years old in India and originated from Rajasthan. Still now Rajasthan has most numbers of puppet makers and puppet shows. But according to Bhat, one prominent community in Gujarat, they started this puppet show in India when royal families used to rule. Bhats used to bring such shows and received a lot of recognition from the royal families and then rulers.

Popularity and Places

Of course puppet shows or Kathputli shows are immensely popular in the western part of the country. Gujarat being one of the prominent travel destinations of India has topped in traditional puppet shows after Rajasthan. Hanumanpura in Ahmadabad has a diverse collection of decorated stuffed animal toys and puppets. If you are travelling to Ahmadabad and looking for traditional handmade stuffed toys and beautiful puppets for your kids then Hanumanpura is the best place to drop by. Also these toys are hugely used as home decors.

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