Patola Weaving

Patola is one of the most difficult crafts in Gujarat. Artisans work for 3-4 months on one single Saree to make it wearable. Undoubtedly this Patola makes the state one of the best travel destinations of India. It is said that Patola is originated from Maharashtra, but now Gujarat becomes an ace producer of Patola Sarees. Patan, Jamnagar and Rajkot are some of the places where Patola weaving is found.

Patola – the earlier story

Patola is originated from the state of Maharashtra. It was believed that a king of Jaina community used to send Patola robe to the King Kumarpal for daily Puja. When Kumarpal came to know that Jaina King kept sending used cloth for the Goddess, he attacked Jaina’s territory and defeated the King. Later on King Kumarpal took more than 700 Patola weavers to his territory and started weaving the same. It happened in the 12th century and still the Salvi community continues the weaving among all other 700 families.

Patola – how it is made

Among all the travel spots in Gujarat, Patan is the place where Patola is produced in a large way. It is one of the most difficult crafts in Gujarat and takes long time to finish. The Patola weaving technique is well known as double ikat. Patola requires two wraps of threads that need to be coloured properly. Weaving Patola needs patience and excellence. At least two people are needed to weave one saree at a time. Each thread and each colour has unique implication and they have to be weaved carefully. It takes at least 4 month or sometimes more to make one Patola Saree.

Designs of Patola Saree

Though the number of Patola Saree weavers was more than 700 but only Salvis are left who are still in the same profession. They offer several designs which refer to different community and their styles. The diverse designs are called Chowkdi, Choktha, Chhabdi, Navaratna, Narikunj, Phulwari, Paan, Paanchphul, Raas, Sarvariya and such.

Types of Patola

As mentioned Patola sarees have Royal implications. In modern times, there are 4 types of Patola Saree that are available in Patan, one of the best travel locations in Gujarat. Based on different style and patterns the types are made.
• Maharashtrian Brahmins style: Women and bird prints, solid colours, designer border.
• Jainas and Hindus Style: Flowers, elephants, dancing postures, parrots prints
• Muslim Vohras style: floral print, geometric shapes, gorgeous, used in weddings.
• Far East style: multiple colours to export in Far East countries.

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