Mud Work

Mud work is one of the oldest crafts in Gujarat, India. Gujarat, being one of the ace travel destinations of India, has offered clay and mud work paintings and potteries to the world since the ancient times. Many places in the state have become experts in producing such mud arts. Especially Kutch, Vadodara and Kheda are the proficient places where you can find array of mud work.

Mud crafts – how it begins?

Mud work, locally known as Lippan Kaam, had no such artistic values like other crafts in Gujarat. This sort of work started in the rural areas to decorate the inner walls of the mud houses people used to live in. These types of houses, popularly known as Bhungas in Gujarat, are made of mud with low quality rooftop. They were not apt for fighting the natural calamities and different seasons. The rural people made them sturdy by applying camel dung with them. The Lippan Kaam or mud work was done in the inner walls of these houses to make them beautiful and bright. They used to stick the mirrors along with mud packs on the inner walls of their houses. These mirrors helped them to reflect the light in each corner with a single lamp. Also this mud work used to prevent sun light and made the rooms cooler.
Travel spots in Gujarat for mud work
Kutch is the place where you will find such artwork in the inner walls and sometimes outer walls of the mud houses. The great Rann of Kutch has few resorts and campsites where you can find such decorative walls all over the place. Also in Vadodara, there are places like Chhota Udaipur and such where you will find such mud work paintings and mirror work on the wall of the houses and some could be there in palace walls as well. Kheda district still has immense numbers of such Bhungas where local inhabitants are living. All these houses have such art works all over their walls.

Popularity of the mud work

Clay pottery, terracotta and other mud work are immensely popular in Gujarat. One of the popular places of interest in Kutch Dhorodo, near the great Rann of Kutch, has the finest and most beautiful Lippan work in Gujarat. Despite not having any artistic values, these mirror and mud works are worth watching. Travellers must visit this Dhorodo village to witness such authentic and man-made beauty of all times.

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