LD Indology

The Lalbhai Dalpatbhai Museum or the LD Indology is a house of various artifacts and ancient archaeological elements of India. The museum holds various religious manuscripts of Buddhism and Jainism era and also has a large collection of coins and wooden crafts and miniature figurines. One can find a huge number of interesting museum collections that date back to the pre-historic time. The museum is famous for its exclusive compilation of Gujarati artwork across various periods. It showcases a huge collection of paintings from the Mughal dynasties that are more than centuries old. The museum also prides of an exclusive collections of manuscripts that are documented in wooden covers. These manuscripts hold immense historic value as these are parts of the countries priceless past. The museum also is home to various forms of art on cloth created by famous artists.


The LD Museum is very famed for it holds the biggest Buddha head that dates back to the 5th century. It also has the figurine of Lord Rama which highlights his youth in the imagery. Also the museum holds an ancient extraordinary idol of Matrika Indrani and also a unique figurine of a Nataraja.
The museum was established in the 1950s and it grew with time as its collection became diverse. The founders of the museum has been successful in gathering rare anthologies of collectible items to make the museum a must visit tourist locale in Gujarat.
The museum is also house to early paper manuscripts and various other Buddhist paintings that highlights the teachings of the religion. The museum also has a collection laboratory that I home to more than 1500 set of paintings from India. In addition the museum also has bronze creations from Nepal and China/early Tibet.
The museum also has a section that comprises of mostly bead works from Gopi-Anand Bead Collection. These exceptional handicrafts are a widespread in the Kutch region and seen in decorative manner in all traditional ceremonies. The bead works looms around the work of the famous Moti Parvanu who become a prominent master in bead craft in the early 19th century.

Where is it located?

The museum is located ideally in Ahmedabad city, very close to the Gujarat University and the main building is inside the grounds of the LD Institute of Indology. The tourist spot in Gujarat is located on the western fringes of Ahmedabad city and it is within 10 kilometers range of the railway station and airport.

Ideal Visiting Time

The LD Indology Museum can be visited all-round the year as the visitors can enchant themselves with precious historic facts and figures making the museum an interesting landmark in India.

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