Kotishila is one of the revered places of interest in Gujarat. It is one of the nine Jain temples that were established in the scenic spot of Tarang Hill. This sacred temple is dedicated to Mallinathji who is the nineteenth Jain Tirthankar. Tourists do have the chance of spending quality times with their families and friends in green lap of nature of this lovely hilly region of the state. The temple is known for its calm and quite atmosphere with spiritual leanings of the Jain community. Besides, the temple is the reliable place of acquiring knowledge about the spread of Jainism in western India.

They can visit temples like Siddhsila, Kumbhariya, historic Taranga Fort, Buddhist caves and many more. The place is also ideal for perfect family picnic maintaining the sanctity of the surrounding areas of the temples to enjoy the moment.


The rocky peaks of Taranga hill are considered to be the salvation spot of the Digambara sect of Jainism. They had settled on these peaks many centuries back for the purpose of attaining moksha in the lap of nature. It is a well conceived belief that spiritual personalities like Sagardutt and Vardutt had achieved moksha from this hilly region. During the period of 12th century Solanki ruler of Patan, Kumarapala who himself belong to the sect of Swetembara had chose this spot for the establishment of beautiful temple dedicated to Ajitnath. Then some decades later the Digambara sect in Jainism started construction of a jain temple that resembles that of the Muslim mausoleum. The temple houses the marble statutes of both Mallinathji and that of Ajitnathji. It also contains footprints of other Jain Tirthankars as well. The interior portions of this temple had been artistically carved with different sections for offering prayers and meditation.

Where is it located?

This temple is situated on the rocky peaks of Taranga Hill which falls in the Mehsana district of Gujarat. From the nearby road of Rajkot Junction it will usually take 324 km via GJSH 17. The distance is approximately 298 km from the nearest road of Bhavnagar airport via Pipali-Bhavnagar Highway.

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