Jhulta Minara

Jhulta Minara is a popular place of attraction in Gujarat. It is actually a combination of shaking minarets that are integral part of the Sidi Bashir Mosque in Ahmedabad. These shaking minarets represent genuine architectural craftsmanship of medieval India. These minarets had been designed in such way that applying little force on the upper arc of the mosque will culminate in shaking of every minaret simultaneously. It is because of this strange phenomenon that the Minar has become one of the unique places of attractions India. Tourists from every corner of the world come here to witness this spectacular moment with curiosity.

Each of these minarets arrives with intricate carvings upon them and is as high as of 34 meter. The average age of these minarets is about 21 years. These minarets are three storied structure with comprising of well-balanced natural balconies made of stone for the sole objective of bordering these minarets. It is due to this excellent architectural wonder that the mosque is one of the places to visit in the country.


It is assumed that these minarets along with the mosque were constructed by Sultan Ahmed Shah’s slave Sidi Bashir. Another conflicting story revolves around the formation of the mosque is that Malik Sarang who was the noble in Muhammad Begada’s court and another sultan completed the building of the mosque in the year of 1452. It is also assumed that these shaking pillars were constructed mainly for the purpose of avoiding damage of this mosque during the occurrence of catastrophic events like earthquake. However, the shaking trends of these minarets went unnoticed by the people of Ahmedabad. During the period nineteenth century a renowned European scholar in Sanskrit named Monier M Williams first observed the shaking traits of these minarets. It is also heard that one of these shaking minarets had thwarted the attempt of an Englishman to demolish it.

Where is it located?

Shaking Minarets are situated within the vicinity of Sidi Bashir Mosque in Kalupur area of Ahmedabad. From the nearby road of Rajkot, the journey is about 219 km via NH8A. It will roughly take 478 km from the nearby road of Gandhinagar airport to reach the mosque via NH8 and NH848.

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