Jalaram temple

The popular Jalaram Temple is located in Virpur village, Rajkot District of the Indian state of Gujarat. The temple was established to show respect to Jalaram Bapa who was a saint figure following Hindu God Rama. Jalaram Bapa belonged to the Lohana clan of ancient Gujarat.

The main attraction of the shrine revolves around the life and times of Jalaram Bapa during his early days. The tourist place in Gujarat receives major footfall that come to see the daily household materials used by the saint. It includes the danda and jholi that is believed to be given by God. Deities of Lord Rama, Lakshman, Hanuman and Sita are also there for the tourists. It is said that Bapa used to worship the same idols. There is also a big picture of Jalaram Bapa which the followers worship and also a famous photograph of the ageing saint a year before he left for his heavenly abode.


The Jalaram Temple is an ideal tourist destination in Gujarat for the followers of Saint Jalaram. Virpur is where the saint was born and the shrine is the actual housing complex where he lived and grew up. One can see the various exhibits that the shrine has that was used by Jalaram Bapa during his lifetime. The saint has a significant number of followers from all around the world and the temple at Virpur is unique because of not accepting any sorts of material offerings from its devotees.
The Jalaram Temple can be best visited during Jalaram Jayanti which is the holy birthday of the religious saint. It is celebrated on the Hindu month of Kartick just a week away from Diwali. This period sees a grand carnival taking place with a huge crowd that comes from far and wide to be a part of it. The Jalaram Temple illuminates with the thousands of pilgrims marking the spot as a celebrated travel location in India. Generous amounts of Prasad are served to the devotees who come to pay respect to Jalaram Bapa. Similar fairs are also held to all the temples that follow Jalaram Bapa in and around India. Various hotels and guest houses excel in their business during this time of the season.

Where is it located?

Virpur can be easily reached from Rajkot which is 52 kilometers away. Buses are the best option of transportation but one can hire, private cars for a better journey. Flight and rail facilities are available from Ahmedabad and Rajkot respectively.

Ideal Visiting Time

The temple is visited by devotees around the year but visiting the place during the celebrations before Diwali makes it a grand affair.

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