Diu Museum

Diu Museum is a popular place of attraction in India. The museum helps visitors to understand the culture and history of Diu through showcasing different artifacts. The museum provides many useful facts regarding Portugal colonization of the place and also vividly portrays the lifestyles of the native people of the region. It is regarded to be one of the popular travel spots in western tip of coastal India. The museum has also attracted limelight for its architectural pattern and is an ideal place to visit for those who have an eye for detail.
The Diu Museum together with its historical artifacts is a must visit place in Diu. It will not only enrich the knowledge of the visitors but will also make them curious to know more about this wonderful place that has so far not been mentioned in historical textbooks in detail.

Diu offers plenty of sightseeing scope to the tourists apart from the museum. The most prominent place of attraction in Diu is Diu Fort which was constructed during the period of Portugal rule in the state.


The museum was previously used to be the worship place of the Christian community and was called St, Thomas Church. Now as a museum it comprises of valuable stone inscriptions and antique statutes of erstwhile rulers of Diu with majestic wooden carvings, shadow clocks, idols and other essential artifacts. Here visitors will also come across four hundred year old marble and wooden statutes of Saint Benedict and Saint Thomas. The museum also features certain portions of ruined temples of the Jains for providing insight into the architectural style of the Jain community.

Where is it located?

It is situated in the extreme end tip of western coastal area of Gujarat. From Sardar Patel International Airport of Ahmedabad the distance is approximately 383 km via NH8E. The distance will normally take 522 km from the nearest rail station of Surat to reach the museum via NH8.

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