Bharatiya Sanskriti Darshan

Bharatiya Sanskriti Darshan is one of the popular museums in western India. It functions as both a museum and cultural center to showcase unique and rare pieces of crafts and folk arts of the Kutch region. It also serves as the reliable knowledge base to know many interesting and unknown facts about Kutch and its people. Every year the museum draws visitors from all parts of the world to be acquainted with the region of Kutch through its marvelous pieces of artwork collections. For budding craftsmen, this museum is the appropriate spot to visit in India.

The museum arrives with five separate sections to give first hand introduction to the local culture of Kutch. The most prominent among them is Ethnological section that houses Sahitya Chitra comprising of various rare literary works of Kutch. The remaining sections are dedicated for the exhibition of leather embroidery, swords, daggers, beadwork, wall hangings, terra cotta, metal carvings, wood work and other remarkable pieces of art collections. Tourists will have the opportunity to see the traditional treasury known as Kothala which has been designed intricately and is used by villagers of Kutch to safely store valuable items like money, jewelry and other costly belongings. Visitors can also have a nice stroll of the desert area of Kutch to see the lifestyle of the village people closely.


The museum is the brain child of renowned folk and art scholar Ramsinjhi K Rathod to expose the brilliant craftsmanship of the rural Kutch people before the outside world. The building has been designed in such a manner that it perfectly represents village hut along with large door made of stone with wonderful rock figure for welcoming the tourists. Its central area consists of beautiful paintings and other specimens of archaeological importance. At present the museum displays exhibits of around 4500 BC along with rare books of about 1500 AD that deal with subjects like culture and art.

Where is it located?

It is situated in the south of College road in Kutch. From Ahmedabad the journey will take approximately 331 km by road to reach the museum via NH947. It will roughly take 236 km by road from Rajkot to reach this wonderful museum.

Ideal Visiting Time

The best period to visit the museum is from October-March when the climate is pleasant with significant drop in surface temperature. The museum is open for the visitors everyday barring Monday.

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