Archaeological Museum

Archaeological Museum is one of the places of attractions in Gujarat. It houses various historical artifacts, pottery, inscriptions and stone sculptures of different eras. Those having strong interest in ancient art and architecture will gain much useful knowledge from this museum. It is one of the few places to visit in India that offers visitors with a chance of knowing the culture and traditions of Gujarat in detail. Besides, the museum holds many valuable facts about the revered Somnath temple of the place.

Tourists have the chance to travel other interesting places in Somnath that include Bhalka Teerth, Junagadh gate, Gita mandir, Prasuram temple, Chorwad beach and so on. Travelling to these places will tourists from abroad to know about religious history of this country.

Where is it located?

This museum is situated in the northern area of Somnath temple in Gujarat. From Junagadh it will roughly take 79 kilometers and from Chorwad the distance is roughly about 25 kilometers to reach the museum. This landmark museum is opened everyday from 8:30 am-6 pm. From the nearby rail station of Veraval the journey is of 6 kilometer to reach this museum.

Main attraction

The museum has been established with the ultimate purpose of preserving and showcasing the historical remains of the erstwhile Somnath temple of medieval India. The courtyard of this museum is primarily littered with torans, section of pillar roofs, statues, carved stones which were used to be the integral portion of the historic temple. All these objects bear the testimony of foreign invasion during the medieval times into the revered temple. Every effort has been adopted to preserve such precious items of immense historical importance. The center piece of attraction in this museum is the ancient shrine remains that were reconstructed during the period of Chalukyan ruler Mularaja Deva. The museum provides proper guidebook or documentation from where tourists can obtain full information about every historical artifact that has been showcased here.

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