Ancient Signboard

Every year the region of Dholavira witnesses tremendous inflow of tourists due to its rich historical and cultural legacies. There are many places to be seen in Gujarat and the chief among them is Dholavira. The city has come into the limelight after the findings of the remains of ancient Harappan Civilization. The most popular place of tourist attractions is an ancient signboard. The sign board is considered to be made of gypsum pieces with letters or symbols on the board made of wood with absolute perfection and craftsmanship.

The city of Dholavira contains various sites that reflect architectural and town planning skills of the people belonging to Harappan Civilization. The city also contains citadel, reservoirs and is broadly divided into two segments known as lower and middle town. Interestingly, this city also comprises of an intricate fortification system and was once configured like the large parallelogram which was evident with the discovery of massive walls at the time of excavation. The place bears testimony to the progress of the Harappan people in terms of developing urban localities


The sign board was constructed during the time of Harappan Civilization. Through arranging gypsum mineral pieces they had formed 10 large letters or symbols on a wooden board of big size. With the lapse of time, the letters arrangement of the board is still intact even after the decay of its wooden framework. The size of these symbols or letters resembles the heavy large bricks of the nearby walls. Its inscription is considered to be the largest among the other scripts of Indus Civilization. In this sign board you will find that one symbol is appearing for four times. You will also find a four signed inscription with letters of big size on the sandstone. It is regarded to be the first such inscription of Harappan Civilization to be engraved upon the sandstone. Dimension of the signs present in the board is found to be approximately fifteen inches high and that of the corresponding portion is about three meters. The signboard was discovered at the excavation of the city in the year of 1990.

Dholavira and its signboard offer plenty of opportunity for history lovers to conduct in depth study and researches on Indus Civilization in a calm and secluded environment. At the same moment, when you walk along the sites of the historical ruins you will definitely enjoy the experience of being a part of historical journey of the nation till present period.

Where it is located?

Dholavira is situated in the Khadir Bet island of Kutch and its chief attraction the ancient signboard is located in northern portion of this city. It will normally take a distance of 328 km by air from the Ahmedabad Airport and 434 km from the Vadodara Airport. By road it will take about 258 km from the place of Mehsana and 329 km from the city of Ahmedabad.

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